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Starting a Communications Project with Creative Design Services? Here are the steps to follow.

1. Getting Started

It is very important to us that your project succeed. The first step is to contact Creative Director Luis Sanz to discuss the scope of your project and schedule a project consultation.

2. Project Consultation

During your consultation with us and members of the integrated marketing team, we focus on your goals for the project, marketing strategies, copywriting, illustrations and photography requirements and production schedule.

The key to a successful project is defining your project’s needs and expectations. To help do this, we will ask you some or all of these important questions:

  • What are your communication goals?
    Are you trying to recruit, educate or raise funds? Before you begin, clearly define your message.
  • What is your target audience?
    Prospective, current, graduate or undergraduate students? Alumni? Donors? Your project should be tailored specifically for your audience.
  • What image do you want to portray?
    Scholarly? Serious? Fun?
  • What is your delivery deadline and what is your budget?
    This will help us develop a project that is affordable and meets your timeline. Project coordination is smoother, less expensive and more efficient when started early.
  • How many print pieces do you need?
    500? 1000? 3000? There are cost breaks per unit ordered.
  • How will your product be distributed?
    Mail? At an event? This can affect the design of the project.
  • What images will your project require?
    Photography and illustration are critical elements to your project. We are happy to help you conceptualize your photography needs, put you in contact with professional photographers, or coordinate and direct the photo shoots.

3. Costs

After your consultation, we will provide you with a written estimate for printing of your project. We will not begin the design and print process until you have approved these estimates. Once you decide to proceed with your project, we will e-mail you a request to generate work orders for Printing & Reprographics (P & R).

4. Copy

If you are providing copy for your project, keep in mind that your writing should reflect your audience and project objectives. If a freelance writer has been hired, the development of your copy for the project may include interviews and other research.

5. Design

Your message is more than just words. It also includes design, photography and color. During this stage our design professionals will work closely with you to ensure that your project remains in-line with your objectives, while advising you on best practices and creative options. An initial design layout of your project will be provided to you and other pertinent stakeholders. Carefully review and proof this initial design. Normally, there are small changes and minor adjustments during this process, which are factored into our estimates. Please note that major design changes will likely require a cost adjustment to the original estimate.

6. Printing & Distribution

We will deliver the digital files of your project to P & R or other approved printers and monitor the printing process. Before your project is printed, you will have the opportunity to review a printer’s proof. This proof requires your approval signature, authorizing final printing and delivery of your project.

Distribution will be to the designated delivery location that was filled out in the P & R work order. Please note that deliveries coordinated by the UCR Mail Room require a separate UCR Mail Room work order.

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