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Identity Standards Manual: UC Riverside Colors

UCR Colors: Primary Palette

The UC Riverside colors are based on the PANTONE* Color Standard.

main color swatches

For color matching, refer printers and other suppliers to the current editions of PANTONE Color Formula Guide. Note that the PANTONE Color Standard is specified as “C,” meaning coated. The UCR Identity assigns a “C” specification to UCR Blue and UCR Gold. This means that PANTONE™ 660C and PANTONE™ 130C are UCR identity ink colors based on the PANTONE COATED PAPER swatch book. UCR Blue and UCR Gold colors must print to match PANTONE COATED PAPER ink swatches. When printing on uncoated paper, match to coated paper ink swatches.

Since differences in substrates and processes can affect color, the CMYK equivalents at left are guidelines only and should not be considered exact matches. To ensure consistent results, always proof carefully against the PANTONE Color Standard.

NOTE: Colors shown throughout this manual are for demonstration purposes only. For accurate color standards, refer to the current edition of the PANTONE Color Formula Guide.

*PANTONE is Pantone, Inc.'s check-standard for color reproduction and color-reproduction materials.

UCR Colors: Secondary Palette

These secondary colors have been carefully chosen to compliment the UCR primary colors.

Secondary Palette

The accent palette can be used for typography and solid areas, where appropriate. No matter what the application, the accent palette should always be used sparingly and purposefully.

UCR accent colors

When gold foiling the UCR logo, there are specific manufacturer foil numbers that have been authorized for reproduction: Crown 370 and Crown 424. Other foil manufacturers are allowed, if they closely match the Crown foils. For technical assistance, please contact the Creative Design Services, (951) 827-7178.


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