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Identity Standards Manual: Logos and Best Practices

Logos are visual manifestations of a brand. Branding, when properly done, is grounded in research to uncover the important features of an institution from the perspective of its stakeholders. Logos can come to represent powerful meanings that are instantly recalled along with the logo, such as the recycle logo of bent arrows and the Nike “swoosh.”

Logos often stand alone as the sole symbol of an institution. This means that logos should not be altered by changes in size, proportions, colors, relative relationship of design elements (the approved logo “lock up”) or by special effects. Logos must not be altered or locked up with new taglines or other design elements, which in effect would create an unofficial new logo.

UCR Logos

The UCR brand is represented by the two word-based graphic logos shown here. The UCR “primary wordmark” locks up the name of the university in a customized design. The UCR “monogram” is a customized design based on the initials of the university. Graphic standards for UCR’s logos specify approved identity colors. As shown here and throughout this manual, university logos optimally display in UCR Blue and UCR Gold.

  • All UCR branded logos are the property of the institution and are governed by specific guidelines for their use based on best practices for using logos. UCR logos are to be used in official UCR publications and UCR web sites.
  • Unofficial logos (any UCR logo that has not been approved by the Office of Strategic Communications) may not be used on any official representation of UCR.
  • Unofficial web sites and publications (including faculty and student web pages; student organization fliers, stationery or web sites; and professional organization sites) are not allowed to use UCR logos without express written permission of the Office of Strategic Communications.

UCR logos

If you have any questions about the use of UCR logos, please call (951) 827-7178.


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