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Identity Standards Manual: UCR Monogram

UCR Monogram

UCR Monogram

The UCR monogram is a shortened version of the primary wordmark. Incorporating the style and colors of the wordmark, the monogram reinforces brand recognition using the university’s abbreviated name. The monogram’s shortened size has advantages over the primary wordmark. It is more quickly interpreted and fits better for certain applications, such as promotional items like T-shirts, cups, mugs, key chains and button pins.

The UCR monogram is redundant when displayed on the same page with the primary wordmark. However, when using the monogram, please be sure to locate the complete university name somewhere on the same page, document or other application, if at all possible. This helps to clearly identify that the letters “UCR” mean the University of California, Riverside.

The monogram is an approved institutional logo of the university and the pages that follow outline specifications and correct use.

UCR Monogram: Approved Colors

Monogram: UCR Gold/UCR Blue

UCR Monogram Two-Color

Whenever possible, the monogram should be used in the approved UCR Gold and UCR Blue colors.

Monogram: UCR Blue

UCR Monogram One-Color

When only one color is available or the background does not lend itself to the two-color rendition, there are three one-color versions that can be used: UCR Blue, Grayscale/Black and Black.

Monogram: Grayscale/Black

UCR Monogram Black and White

Monogram: Black

UCR Monogram Line Art

UCR Monogram: Approved Reverse

UCR Monogram Two-Color reversed
UCR Monogram One-Color Reversed

When displaying the UCR monogram on a background color, it is best to place it on one of the primary identity colors, UCR Blue or UCR Gold. This reinforces the strength of the identity.

Monogram One-Color Reversed

When the monogram must be placed on a busy background, it should be reversed out to white.

UCR Monogram: Clear Space

UCR Monogram Clear Space

To keep the integrity of the logo, the monogram must be surrounded by clear space at least equal to the width of the letter “U.” Other design elements, such as type, photography and illustrations, must not be positioned within the “X” clear space. As a general rule, the more clear space around the monogram the better. For example, the monogram would be the only logo on a page.

UCR Monogram: Minimum Size

UCR Monogram Minimum Size

The monogram can be scaled down to a minimum size of 1 inch

For applications between 0.375 and 1 inch, like printing on a lapel pin, a different “small scale monogram” has been created. Use this version of the logo to maintain fine detail and readability at this scale. The monogram should not be used in applications smaller than 0.375 inch.

For questions about monogram clear space, small applications or exceptions, please contact Creative Design Services at (951) 827-7178.


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