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Identity Standards Manual: UC Riverside Seal

UC Riverside Seal

UCR seal

UCR has a unique approved seal that has been adapted from the UC system seal. The UCR seal must be used exclusively in all communications from our campus, and must not be altered or modified in any way.

The UCR seal can be used in conjunction with the UCR wordmark (as shown in the letterhead on page 23), but the two must not be locked up together.

Use of the UC system seal is not permitted on UCR communications unless authorized by the Office of Strategic Communications. For proper use of the UC seal or other system-wide identity elements, see

UCR Seal: Colors

Seal positive reproduction

The UCR seal must be displayed in one, and only one, approved UCR primary color: UCR Blue, UCR Gold, UCR Gray or Black. The seal can also be displayed in a “screened” (lightened) color or reversed to white. The seal is drawn as line art; colors and textures should never be used in the blank areas.

Seal Reverse Reproduction

Seal Reverse Reproduction Screened

The seal may also be reproduced in a very light screen to simulate a watermark. An example of this appears under this paragraph. The seal here is lightly tinted UCR Gray so it is visible, but allows readability of the black text.

UCR Seal: Clear Space

Seal Clear Space

The UC Riverside seal should be sur­rounded by a clear space at least equal to the distance between the top dot and inside circle or "x". No other competitive design elements should be positioned within this space, including typography.

When the seal is being used as a graphic element, such as a watermark, it is acceptable to run text over it. The UCR letterhead shows an example of this application.

UCR Seal: Minimum Size

Seal Minimum Size

The seal may be scaled down to a minimum size of 0.875 inches in diameter. Smaller than this size is not recommended, since the type and thin lines may begin to fill in and compromise readability. When printing or reproduction quality is necessarily a lower resolution (such as casting the seal in metal), it is advisable to work with the printer or other vendor to get the best possible reproduction in the substrate being used.

For other unusual applications, please contact Creative Design Services at (951) 827-7178.

UCR Seal: Cropping

For use as a watermark or graphic element, the UCR seal may bleed off the page or be cropped. Acceptable cropping examples are shown below.

The seal can be used in conjunction with the UCR wordmark, as shown on the official letterhead.

Locking up the UC Riverside Seal with the wordmark or monogram is not allowed.

Seal Croppings

UCR Seal: Incorrect Usage

The UC Riverside seal is a single unit of art and should always be displayed using approved artwork. It must not be compromised or manipulated in a manner that alters approved artwork.

Seal - incorrect usageSeal - incorrect usage


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